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Dr. Michael Allen,
Educator & 
Co-Author of "Brotherly Love"

“I have had the distinct honor and privilege to work with Ismalis for the last 3 years in order to grow on my racial equity journey. She has a rare ability to not only understand the nuisances and intricacies of implementing large scale systems equity work in schools, districts and other organizations but she is one the most electrifying and dynamic facilitators that I have had in my 15 years as an educator. While she is clearly an expert, she has always been able to delicately push me beyond my comfort zone to understand very difficult concepts that have ultimately translated into real school culture changes, school-wide racial and gender equity book studies as well as foundational practices that have enhanced the way our school approaches discipline. Her ability to make herself accessible, follow through with tangible books and other resources as well as her willingness to not shy away from the difficult conversations have made me a better leader.”

Renee Neumeier,
Innovation and Digital Learning Manager
Evanston Public Library 

As a White woman Ismalis changed my life, through her training and through her work in my community.  As I was beginning the work and my journey the racial equity training that Ismalis facilitated was exactly what I needed.  She created a safe space for me and other community members to share our experiences, thoughts and ideas. I have applied so much of what I learned and continue to learn through Ismalis not only in my personal life, but also through my work in my community.  She has helped me promote racial equity in my workplace, by giving me the tools to rethink hiring policies, supports and safe spaces for BIPOC employees and more.  She has helped build my confidence and knowledge so I feel comfortable in my discomfort and engaging in the conversations that need to be had around race in my community.  

Bill McCabe

Thanks to both Ismalis and Christine our company has taken great strides in our DEI efforts. Having participated in other DEI training programs I can attest firsthand that Ismalis and Christine bring a unique and insightful approach to both individual and group reflection on this critical issue.

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