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Anew Collective works to understand the unique needs of our clients as partners in this life-changing work. We develop custom racial equity solutions with a focus on individual and collective transformation. We engage our clients at various stages to help in developing strategies for transformative change and by providing talented experts for ongoing support.

Members of Anew Collective come from diverse backgrounds as racial equity strategists, organizers, activists, and experts in organizational change and can provide the right services to help individuals and organizations meet their changing needs.

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We partner with clients in the following sectors:

  • K-12 Schools

  • Colleges and Universities

  • Healthcare Organizations

  • Government and Civic Groups

  • Religious Organizations

  • Non-profit Organizations

  • Community Organizations

  • Individuals

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Customized virtual or in-person half or full-day professional development training and seminars to build capacity for authentic racial equity transformation. Training and seminars are co-designed with clients for multiple perspectives to meet the needs of various stakeholders.

Topics include: 

  • What is Racial Equity?

  • Intersectionality

  • Power & Privilege  

  • Whiteness & Anti-Blackness

  • Latinx Identity

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Coaching for individual and small teams to support capacity building with a focus on identifying gaps in beliefs and behavior for personal and organizational racial equity transformation. 


Topics include: 

  • Racial identity development 

  • Adaptive Leadership

  • Supporting individuals who identify as 

    • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color)

    • Social work/Mental health professionals

    • Educators

    • People in non-profit   

    • Self-care and healing  

    • Interracial Group Dialogue

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Strategic community problem-solving, strategic planning, and visioning for collective transformation to re-imagine NEW and just spaces.


Services include:

  • Organizational Racial Equity Audits & Assessments 

  • Mission & Vision Planning 

  • Team Development 

  • Community Schools Consultation 

  • Parent & Community Empowerment 

  • Racial Affinity Group Development

  • Mutual Aid Efforts

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Personalized Consultation & Services

Virtual or In-Person

Engage with founder Ismalis Nuñez to identify and solve complex issues through in-depth, personalized consulting services that can be customized in partnership with the individual or organization. Ismalis is also available for keynotes on topics related to racial identity, healing, and community organizing and empowerment. 


Services include:

  • Personalized, in-depth consulting services to Identify and solve complex issues

  • Keynote speaking


Community Problem Solving & Planning

Virtual or In-Person


Individual & Team Coaching

Virtual or In-Person


Half-Day or Full Day

Virtual or In-Person



Ismalis is available to do speaking engagements on topics related to:

  • Racial identity

  • Healing

  • Community organizing and empowerment


"I believe that you do not need a title to be a leader."  


"Leadership is the ability to stay true to one’s integrity and authentic self."

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