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Anew is a collective of racial equity strategists and organizers who find ways to thrive in systems instead of just survive. We help individuals and organizations develop transformational racial equity strategies focused on identity, leadership, and building communities for justice.

Blue Plant and Butterfly Phone Wallpaper

 Anew Collective is here to help

individuals and organizations

identify the strategies they need

 to transform hearts and minds.


 Contact us to start 

   a conversation today to begin Anew.


As a social worker, daughter, racial equity strategist, Black Latina, community organizer, friend, and activist, founder Ismalis Nuñez brings her full self to her work at Anew Collective. Standing side by side in this shared humanity, Ismalis derives joy and meaning from getting to know and learn from her clients as she works with them to find ways to thrive in systems instead of just survive. With a deep understanding of the historical trauma at the root of racial oppression and a focus on the intersectionality of liberation, Anew Collective seeks to co-create space for individuals and groups to feel empowered to work toward something greater – maybe unimaginable – a whole new system and way of showing up in the world. At Anew, we believe that the work of transforming the world begins with transforming ourselves.

Blue Plant and Butterfly Phone Wallpaper


I see me in others as a reflection.

Empowered to see who I've been at the core & all that I have given up.

When I can listen with love,

without judgment

is when I am my best self.

I am a person,

in this collective,

the self-work & reflection help me see ANEW way of being.

For the Sake of Humanity.

Ismalis Nuñez

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